Why Utmost Pilates?

Joseph H. Pilates Said ItDo you know what your Utmost Pilates EQ is?

equpqpIf you are not familiar with the term PILATES EQ it is your Pilates Exercise Quotient. Ultimately, your UPEQ or Utmost Pilates Exercise Quotient is determined by how often you participate in a pilates exercise class and whether or not you have had the opportunity and good fortune to experience the joys of exercising on a pilates reformer, cadillac, chair or barrel inspired by the masterful guidance and expert direction of Maureen Dunn, UTMOST PILATES director and personal practitioner/trainer.

At UTMOST PILATES it is our belief that everybody should be able to enjoy the benefits of pilates exercise because as Joseph Pilates expressed participating in a pilates exercise program will energize your body, focus your mind and elevate your spirit!

If you are still wondering what pilates is . . . Just imagine a workout program that you actually look forward to, one that is stimulating, challenging and feels good on your body. When you are done you leave feeling refreshed, energized, and alert. On your way home you sense a subtle bliss of renewed aliveness, inner calm, and optimal well-being.

The truth is American culture puts a high priority on our outward appearance often sending us to seek all sorts of treatments from Botox to Liposuction. We spend endless hours at the gym in pursuit of the perfect physique and yet the essence of our well being often eludes us in our craze to attain outward perfection. In reality, the health and fitness of our body is a holistic matter. Our outward persona and robust presence stems from all aspects of our whole inner being, body, mind, heart and soul. Wellness begins on the inside first and then encompasses the whole person.

UTMOST PILATES promotes an exercise practice that embraces the whole individual offering a whole body, whole mind, whole person approach to fitness and well being. UTMOST PILATES focuses on the overall efficiency and functionality of our energized moving bodies which serve us in all our daily activities.

With an emphasis on breathing and core control, proper posture and alignment, balanced muscle tone and unity of body and mind, UTMOST PILATES develops strong, fit bodies and facilitates enhanced body awareness.  Enhanced awareness and optimal mobility ensures better wellness and an improved quality of life for all individuals of myriad and diverse lifestyles. When we feel better physically and mentally we respond better to all life’s challenges whether that means responding more mindfully to our usual diurnal routine and or adapting positively to unanticipated situations.

Here is something else to think about. It is estimated that more than 50% of the American population will likely experience some form of injury that will infringe on their quality of life. Most of these injuries are not the result of major accidents but the outcome of pronounced muscle imbalances due to poorly executed, habitual movement patterns.

UTMOST PILATES works to correct such debilitating imbalances which helps to prevent and eliminate the potential hazards of mindless physical repetition. Developing overall flexibility, core strength and spinal suppleness doing pilates provides a solid foundation of support for all life’s activities whether work related chores or participation entertainments like athletic sports and virtuosic dances. A stronger more supple physical vessel also provides the constitutional bearing necessary to prevent acute injuries and ensures better odds when undergoing rehabilitation after an accident. A fitter body affords us a potentially higher quality of living through better balance, coordination and ease of movement, more energy and improved functionality, enhanced agility and overall sensations of wellness. Essentially practicing pilates helps keep us in a better mood regardless of circumstance.

My vocation as your UTMOST PILATES longevity counselor and somatic coach is to inspire and to educate you through a kinesthetic practice of revitalizing movement experienced holistically within a personalized private pilates oriented program. It is my intention to give you the experiential knowledge you need to embrace and fulfill your life’s purpose with renewed confidence and zest.

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